How do I choose a ukulele for my child? 

One thing we love about the ukulele is the combination of quality and affordability! You don't need to spend a fortune to get started with this instrument. The most important thing to keep in mind when searching for the perfect beginner instrument for you child is tunability (is it easy to tune? does it stay in tune?). After that, the sky's the limit! We want all our students to LOVE their instruments and picking out a ukulele can be a fun activity for both parents and children. Kala makes ukuleles in a variety of colors 

My child is left-handed! Do I need a specific left-handed ukulele?

No! As with most stringed instruments, learning the ukulele will require development of skill and dexterity in both hands. We strongly recommend purchasing and encouraging your child to learn on a typical right-handed instrument as it will save you both money and headaches!

Where can I find the exact dates of my child’s ukulele class? 


What do I do if my child can't attend a scheduled class? 

Check out our POLICIES page here! 

This is my child's first instrument! What expectations should I and my child have starting Uke Sprouts? Do they need to read music?

As with all of our classes, we teach students to learn by ear. In the same way that humans learn to talk before learning to read, we believe the 'by ear' method which internalizes auditory development, promotes personal motivation for improvement and fond connection to the instrument and to music in general.  No, your child won't need a chord chart, but obviously we encourage individual study!  

How do I tune a ukulele? 

We recommend the Kala app; perfect for beginners. (Apple App Store) (Google Play Store). Additionally, here is a tutorial video on tuning

How should I encourage my child to practice at home? Is practice necessary? 

A big part of the mission of The Nashville School of Traditional Country Music is to inspire and instill a love of music in our students. We never want practice to feel forced, but yes, a regular practice routine will certainly make your child a more skilled musician!  Uke Sprouts club or class doesn't need to be the only time the ukulele comes out of its case--take the uke out of it's case and have it around on the kitchen counter or coffee table; ask your child to show you chords and songs they've learned; have them play along to any music you're listening to; encourage them to write songs! 

Where do I pick up my child from Uke Sprouts Club? 

Child pick-up is in accordance with each individual school's dismissal routine. Please refer to your child's school pick-up policy for specifics.  

Do you have classes for adults?

Yes! Our Nashville School of Traditional Country Music website showcases our past and present catalog of class offerings for both adults and children. Additionally, we have a Parent's Learn Free policy with our Uke Sprouts classes; if you ever feel like sitting in on your child's class, we'd love to have you! 

It seems my child isn’t enjoying Uke Sprouts. Can I get a refund? 

Check out our POLICIES page here!