Play Well With Others: Fiddle Accompaniment Workshop with Chloe Edmonstone (Beginner to Intermediate)

Play Well With Others: Fiddle Accompaniment Workshop with Chloe Edmonstone (Beginner to Intermediate)

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Fiddle Accompaniment Workshop: for beginner to intermediate adults

Mondays (March 11, 18, 25, April 1) 

You'll need your own fiddle for this workshop. Some prior violin/fiddle experience strongly recommended. 

"This fiddle workshop is aimed towards beginner and intermediate players looking to improve their ability to accompany songs confidently and creatively on the fiddle. We'll cover common chord progressions, rhythm, soloing, improvisation and performance. As a self taught musician, I'm looking forward to sharing the techniques I've found most useful in trying to hone these skills throughout the years."  - Chloe

Week 1: The Basics In the first week, we'll focus on establishing fundamental skills such as posture, bowing technique, and basic music theory. We'll play along to common chord progressions, discuss the Nashville Number System, and explore rhythms used to back up songs.

Week 2: Fills and Soloing The second week, we'll explore fills and soloing techniques. We'll talk about finding the melody of a song, and learn how to transcribe solos from recordings and how to implement them into your own style. We'll also practice transposing to different keys to accommodate singers.

Week 3: Improvisation In week three, we'll talk about improvisation and how to find your own unique style on the fiddle. We'll use the melody as a foundation for improvisation, and come up with a solo of our own.

Week 4: Performing & Jamming! This week, we'll have an in depth discussion about jamming with others, as well as performing on stage. We'll take what we've learned throughout the workshop and team up with Timbo's guitar class to play some songs!

Classes will meet on Mondays from 6-7p at Soft Junk on Gallatin Pike

Cost for four Mondays (March 11, 18, 25, April 1) is $125